Best Fitness Band Under 2000

These activity tracker are getting much more popular this days. These fitness tracker has create there own platform in market and in the heart of fitness freak people. On the people requirements there are large verity of fitness tracker on the basis of specification and build quality in the market. Here in this article we compere best fitness band under 2000.


1. Mi Band 4            

2. Honor Band 5I

3. Samsung Galaxy Fit E

4. Mi Band 3

5. Noise Colourfit 2

6. Realme Band

#1 Mi Band 4

  • 0.95inch Colour AMOLED 2.5D Full Tuch Display
  • 50m Water Resistant
  • Health and Wellness Tracking
  • 20 Days Battery Life
  • 30+ Features Rolled Into One Band
  • Unlimited Watch Faces
  • It has decent build quality and fit and finish quite good. The capsule fit tight inside the band but you have to use some force to get it out of there. It is incredibly light given it just 22 grams.
  • MI Band 4 comes with 0.95 inch colour AMOLED 2.5D full touch display so screen provides incredible colour and clarity.
  • It has smart sports and activity tracking to keep you healthy and fit. It can track steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, resting and active heart rates, and sleep. It also has 24/7 heart rate monitoring and it gives alert(vibrate) when heart rate goes high.
  • It is also 50m water resistant so you cam wear it while swimming. It can recognizes five different swimming styles.
  • It also have sleep tracking which can track your light and deep slip and also wakes you up by vibration.
  • You can also listen music, text and call by using band. And also using control on band you can up and down volume and change music.
  • It also comes with 20 Days battery life. So you will get long lasting uninterrupted performance.
  • It also has rise to wake up function so you can rise your wrist to se real time dada on it. So you don’t have to tap on screen for wake up
  • It also comes with 3 pages message display so you can check latest 5 messages.

Honor Band 5i

  • 0.96inch Colour LCD Disply
  • 91mAh Power Battery Last Up To 7 Days
  • 50m Water Resisitant
  • SpO2 Monitoring
  • Only 3 Watch Faces
  • Build In USB Connector
  • It comes with big 0.96 inch colour LCD display with lower resolution. Colour display makes easy communication with band and also Its display has full touch screen control.
  • The strap is also unique is style but overall quality of strap and smart band itself is really good. It has plug in charge option so we can remove strap by button and then plug it directly to any usb port for charging.
  • It has 91 mAh power battery. It last up to 6 days and give long lasting performance.
  • It comes with 50m water resistant so you can wear it while swimming.
  • For connetion to smartphone you have to use app which is Huawei Health.
  • It has only 3 watch faces and there no option of adding more as of now.
  • It has features like pedometer which shows your current day step count, burn calories, and distance travel . And then we have heart rate monitoring. We can also use continuous heart rate monitoring in this. We also get spo2 monitoring.
  • It also has sleep tracking which shows last night sleep data.
  • It has total nine workout modes by using it band can monitor your workout very sharply and accurately.
  • It aslo comes with function like brightness, screen on time, watch faces and so on.

Samsung Galaxy fit e

  • 0.74inch PMOLED Display
  • 70mAh Power Battery Last Up To 13 Days
  • 5ATM Water Resistance
  • 90 Activities Accessed From Samsung Health App
  • Track Sleep, Stress Ans Also Heart Rate
  • The Galaxy Fit e gets a smaller 0.74-inch PMOLED (64×128) display. It measures 45.1mm in height, 18.3mm in width.
  • It can wake up by either lifting your wrist or with a double-tap on the screen.
  • Its measures 40.2x16mm and weighs 15 grams. The silicon strap is exultant in quality and feels soft.
  • It comes with 70mAh battery which last up to 13 Days on single charge.
  • It supports 5ATM water resistance so you can take a shower or even go swimming with it.
  • It can auto detect some workouts such as walking, running and dynamic workout 
  • It support over 90 different activities that can be accessed from the Samsung Health app.
  • It can also track sleep and stress along with continuous heart rate monitoring.

MI Band 3

  • 0.78inch OLED Touchscreen Display
  • Weight is about 20g
  • 110mAh Power Battery Last For 20 Days
  • 5ATM Water Resistance
  • Goal Reminder
  • Track Sleep and Heart Rate
  • It has 0.78 inch OLED touchscreen which can display various app notification like SMS messages, WhatsApp, caller ID, Weather info and more and also reject call.
  • It is light weight fitness band. Its weight is about 20g and 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm are the dimension of fitness band. It is very light and compact fitness band that means we didn’t notice we were wearing it.
  • It comes with 110mAh power battery and it will last for 20 days in standby mode.
  • It supports 5ATM water resistance so you can take a shower or even go swimming with it.
  • It shows real-time data for running, cycling, walking, and other activities.
  • It also have sleep tracking which can track your light and deep slip
  • It also comes with some interesting features like Real-time Activity Tracking, Weather Forecast, Events and Alarms, Goal Reminders, Convenient Password-free Unlock, Idle Alert and many more.
  • It required Feature-rich Mi Fit App to connect the device.

Noise colourfit 2

  • 0.96inch Colour Display
  • Weight About 23g
  • 90mAh Power Battery Last For 5 Days
  • IP68 Water Resistance Uo To 1.5m Deep And 30 Minutes
  • 14 Sport Modes
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracking And Also Menstrual Tracking In Women
  • It has improved 0.96-inch colour display and uses a new user interface and touch bottom-placed under the display but misses out on touch screen. It shows notifications for text, calls and WhatsApp messages in addition to Facebook, Skype and more.
  • Its weighs is about 23 grams and dimensions are 24*2*1.2 cm. It has built-in USB charge port.
  • It comes with a 90mAh battery that offers 5 days battery and 7 days of standby time
  • It comes with IP68 water-resistance for up to 1.5m deep and 30 minutes.
  • It has a built-in activity tracker, 24-hour heart rate monitor, step counter, sleep tracker, sedentary reminder and goal completion reminder.
  • Its fitness functionality is improved with the ability to choose from up to 14 sports modes, and have any 3 available at the same time on the band.
  • It comes with an optical heart rate monitor that comes with sleep tracking, step tracking, fitness tracking and menstrual cycle tracking for women.
  • It also includes other features like built-in activity tracker, step counter, 24-hour heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, goal completion reminder and sedentary reminder.

Realme band

  • 0.96inch Colour TFT LCD Display
  • Weight About 20g
  • 90mAh Power Battery Last For 6-9 Days
  • IP68 Water Resistance Uo To 1.5m Deep
  • 9 Sport Modes
  • Special Cricket Mode
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Detector, Water Reminder And Basic Activity Tracker
  • It has a 0.96-inch colour TFT LCD display with 80×160 pixels. The fitness band doesn’t accept touch inputs but has a touch button at the bottom that helps with navigation across the interface.
  • It comes with five dial faces.
  • It has a polycarbonate plastic body that weighs only 20gms. It has built-in USB charge port.
  • It comes with 90mAh power battery that last up to 6-9 days.
  • It comes with IP68 water-resistance for up to 1.5m deep.
  • It offers a real-time heart rate sensor that tracks users’ heart rate thoroughly after every 5 minutes. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer, rotor vibration motor, Sports mode, and Health monitor.
  • It has 9 sports modes to its band out of which only three can be added to the band interface at a time.
  • It also include Other features like automated heart rate measurement, 24hr real-time heart rate measurement, resting heart rate monitor, sleep detection, water reminder, sedentary reminder and basic activity stats tracking

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